Rafting on Tara and Drina
Dubrovnik 8 Days

It's time for adventure

Rafting on the Tara and Drina rivers
Visit of Dubrovnik

I look forward to welcoming you on my timber rafts for rafting on the Tara and Drina rivers and visiting Dubrovnik in this 8-day programme.

Rafting on the Tara and Drina rivers and visit of Dubrovnik


The Balkans - An adventure trip

Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina, including the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Dubrovnik, Durmitor National Park and Mostar, plus a rafting trip on the Tara and Drina rivers along a 130 km stretch through the deepest canyon in Europe.

PENDEK TOURS - Raft on Tara and Drina - Map of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Map of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In eight days, we will discover one of the most beautiful and interesting regions of the Balkans, with a rich history and still scarred by the wars of the 1990s. We will visit three UNESCO World Heritage sites and Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital, scene of one of the events that led to the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 and city of the 1984 Winter Olympic Games.
However, the highlight of the trip will be a four-day rafting trip down the rivers Tara and Drina.


1st DAY: Dubrovnik

Flight from your city to Dubrovnik, transfert to a hotel near Dubrovnik, dinner, overnight stay in a hotel.

2nd DAY: Žabljak

PENDEK TOURS - Raft on Tara and Drina - Durmitor National Park, Montenegro
Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

Breakfast, bus/coach journey to Durmitor National Park. Durmitor is a mountain chain in the north of Montenegro; 48 peaks of the Durmitor massif are higher than 2,000 m, the highest being Bobotov Kuk at 2,522 m. Durmitor has been a national park since 1952 and a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1980.

The Tara is the main source of water for the Drina river and, with its length of 140 km, the longest river in Montenegro. The Tara Canyon is part of the Durmitor National Park. With a length of 78 km and a depth of over 1,300 m, it is the longest and deepest canyon in Europe and is one of the largest in the world alongside the Colorado Canyon in the USA.


Our destination today is the small town of Žabljak (population approx. 2,000) in the center of Durmitor National Park. It is the town at the highest altitude above the sea in Montenegro (1,460 m) and the starting point for numerous excursions and mountain hikes.

Black Lake

In the afternoon we have time to enjoy the secluded and unique landscape during a (not too strenuous) hike to the Black Lake (Crno jezero). We will spend the night in the « Planinka » hotel in Žabljak.

3ème Jour : Radovan Luka

Breakfast, start of the rafting trip. We go to the Tara River over the Đurđevića Tara bridge, built in 1941. From this 350 m long and up to 150 m high bridge, you have one of the few opportunities to see from above the course of the Tara through its canyon.


Arriving at the rafting station, where the timber rafts are around 11 m long and made from 10 tree trunks each, we stow aboard our luggage and provisions for the next four days and off we go.

PENDEK TOURS - Raft on Tara and Drina - Start point of the timber rafts
Tara river, start point of the timber rafts

Fikret and his brother Džemo steer the rafts safely through the numerous rapids of the Tara canyon, past unspoilt nature and surrounded by crystal-clear water.

PENDEK TOURS - Raft on Tara and Drina- One of the experienced raftsmen of the Pendek family
One of the experienced raftsmen of the Pendek family

Afert a 28-km ride down the river, we reach our destination for the day, a secluded meadow by the riverside. Once the tents have been pitched and everything is set up, we have a hearty dinner around a campfire . Instead of a shower, a refreshing dip in the ice-cold Tara water awaits us.

4th DAY : Hiking to the village of Tepca

Breakfast, hike to a small, remote mountain village, tasting of local Montenegrin specialties. Return and dinner all together around a campfire.

5th DAY: Encijan

After breakfast, we continue our rafting trip through the Tara canyon, past beautiful waterfalls.

PENDEK TOURS - Raft on Tara and Drina - Raft on tara rapid river
Raft on Tara river rapids


After about 80 km down the river, we arrive at Camping Encijan in the evening and spend the night in small log cabins (with shower facilities) located directly on the riverbank. Of course, not without enjoying first a hearty dinner .

6th DAY : Kalista

After breakfast, we take the 39-kilometre downhill section of the Tara, across the Montenegro-Bosnia border, to Šćepan Polje. Here the Tara joins the Piva to form the Drina.
We will spend the night at Camping Kalista, a little way downstream. Here too, you can swim in the river.

7th DAY : Foča et Sarajevo

Our last section of the raft trip comes after breakfast.

PENDEK TOURS - Raft on Tara and Drina - Tara river rapids
Tara river rapids

Foča is still 20 km away.

We moor our raft in Foča (population approx. 40,000) and we travel by bus over mountain roads and passes to Sarajevo, approx. 60 km away.

PENDEK TOURS -Raft - On the road from Foča to Sarajevo
On the road from Foča to Sarajevo

In the afternoon, we will take a city tour to get to know the war-torn capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, which is a town steeped in history. Afterwards, dinner at the hotel. We will spend the night at Hotel « Art » in the center of the Old Town.


8th DAY : Dubrovnik

Breakfast, journey by bus/coach to Mostar, the largest city in Herzegovina (population approx. 100,000). The historic center of Mostar is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2005.

The city’s landmark is the bridge over the Neretva, built by the Ottomans between 1556 and 1566 and now a UNESCO World Heritage site. After a brief tour of the city, we go on to Dubrovnik, the last stop on our short trip through the Balkans.

And Dubrovnik’s Old Town too is a UNESCO World Heritage site (since 1979). Before the flight back to your destination, we shall have some time for a city tour.


Price all-inclusive from and to Dubrovnik airport (incl. full board with unlimited alcooholic and non-alcohoolic beverages, taxes and entrance fees as well as transfer from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik): from 749 € per person, of which 100 € as deposit, the remaining balance being paid on site; invoice delivered upon request.

The flights are not included in the price! 

Individual journey to Dubrovnik possible.

Pick-up possible from Sarajevo, Podgorica or Mostar.

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to travel and do that trip, your deposit will not be lost as you can take part on another date (by mutual agreement) during this or next season (i.e. next year).

We hope you enjoy our rafting tour on the Tara and Drina rivers with the visit of Dubrovnik included in this 8-day programme!

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