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Tara and Drina Rafting with PENDEK TOURS

PENDEK TOURS – Raft on traditional wooden rafts on the rapids of the Tara (in Bosnia) and Drina (in Montenegro) rivers, the oldest means of navigation in the world, offering thisof unspoilt nature. I am Fikret Pendek, founder and president of the Drina and Tara Rafting Association “Adem Pendek”, named after my tragically deceased fathe unique atmosphere to all lovers r, and founder of PENDEK TOURS – RAFT. I belong to the fourth generation of the Pendek family who, for 119 years, have been paddling the rapids of the Tara and Drina rivers on traditional rafts once built to float logs, offering this unique atmosphere to all lovers of unspoilt nature. Pendek tours 119 years –  hiking in Montenegro’s Durmitor National Park, a UNESCO International Heritage Site.

PENDEK TOURS - Raft on Tara and Drina - Tara river rapids
Tara river rapids

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