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Pendek Tours, Over 119 years of family tradition

PENDEK TOURS 119 years of tradition – Rafting on traditional timber rafts on the rapids of the Tara (in Bosnia) and Drina (in Montenegro) rivers, the oldest means of navigation in the world, offers this unique atmosphere to all lovers of unspoilt nature. I am Fikret Pendek, founder and president of the Drina and Tara Rafting Association “Adem Pendek”, named after my tragically deceased father, and founder of PENDEK TOURS. I belong to the fourth generation of the Pendek family who, for 119 years, have been paddling the rapids of the Tara and Drina rivers on traditional rafts once built to float logs. Pendek tours a  119 year-old family tradition – Rafting on the Tara and Drina rivers – hiking in Montenegro’s Durmitor National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Choose an unusual and unforgettable adventure through Europe’s deepest canyon.

PENDEK TOURS - Raft on Tara and Drina - Timber raft as seen from above

What makes us unique

Traditional timber rafts were once used to float logs down a river to their point of sale, miles away from the forest.
Let yourself be tempted by a magnificent white-water rafting trip down the Tara and Drina rivers on these ancient timber rafts made from spruce trunks.
This adventure will allow you to appreciate the charms of a bygone era when entire families subsisted on this original means of transport. You’ll discover the many natural beauties and hidden treasures of the Tara canyon, which will leave many of you speechless. For all lovers of nature, waterways and fishing, an expedition like this is unique and something you’ll remember forever.
Rafting through the Tara canyon is a rare tourist attraction in Europe. The Tara is a river formed from the Opasnica and Varuša streams. When it joins the Piva river, near Šćepan Polje, it gives rise to the Drina river. It has carved out the largest and deepest canyon in Europe, 144 km long and with walls rising to over 1,300 metres.

Our history 119 years

Welcome to our rafts! My name is Fikret Pendek and I am the founder and chairman of the Drina and Tara River Rafters’ Association “Adem Pendek”, named in honour of my tragically deceased father. I’m a fourth-generation member of the Pendek family, who for over 119 years have been navigating the falls and rapids of the Drina and Tara rivers on traditional timber rafts, the oldest means of navigation in the world, offering a unique adventure to all lovers of unspoilt nature.

“Rafting on traditional timber rafts”

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